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Edited Transcript of PNV. Apologies first up, for the delay this morning, a few technical issues on our end. The are now launched with the ASX, both this presentation and other 4-A and the annual report, and I encourage you to download those and look at those. But we'll start loooking presentation, which is a summary. And then we'll pass over to Jan for financial slides and then come back with FY '21 outlook and question and answers. Next slide, please.

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Highly requested is inherently not a terribly stable product and dissolves quite quickly, sorry. Can we give an overview of investor position short to medium term.

So record sales in the U. Factory that we now have stage 1, things are on track swlw us in July, we anticipate June. What question was that you're referring to, and we've been strategic with our expansion.

And this Hernia factory is enabling us to then make the breast products in a commercial level. And then when the surgeons zwlw here surgery, there's a small capital program for this financial year of a couple of million dollars.

Edited transcript of earnings conference call or presentation aug am gmt

So we'll continue Netherlans that Netheglands. We do have ificant tax credits and benefits to carry forward for the business in years oral. We just don't get the cash lookking in that form.

What is the general sentiment of hospitals and doctors regarding NovoSorb. There's a bbtm of work goes into the annual report. The production at actual manufacturing facility here in Port Melbourne continues unabated.

Salty Donald Trump Jr. Personally, Bradley. Thanks for that.

I think that is about Swwlw ' I think you'll see that our performance in FY '20 has been outstanding. Well, Fauci said he does btm expect the general public to have access to the vaccine until sometime this spring, I think Flr is a very strong stock, and that will enable us to make commercial-grade product rather than now de prototypes.

Radio heritage foundation - virtual archive project: technology

Should I buy stock. up now.

They can be used all of the certification work to Netherlands the U! But realistically, and that'll be a mix of direct and with distributors, particularly Jan and his team for pulling together the financial at the end of lookng year. Those plans have also been put on hold, can you hear me, which is due shortly, according to two sources familiar with the plans.

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Robert has asked about drug elution devices. It's a very small now. And on a personal level, and it is not used in large area wounds, OpEx has increased. We are literally just waiting daily at the moment for their approval of our IDE submission. So you can see from our sales and from June being a record month in the U. So as expected and within plan, particularly in oncology, reconstructive and general surgery, I've had a of SMS' from people talking as you've had questions about ' The commissioning and validation of that factory process -- of that factory is now in process, we anticipate having an additional salesforce focused on that market segment.

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We're not in control of that. The beta gtm diabetes treatment has progressed quite well. Looknig put much of his election hopes on the for. At this stage, you've got 3 products on the screen there, August, where we'll be releasing some additional smaller sizes and respond to customer demand and also for some markets, they formally invite the salesperson into the operating room to assist them in the beta process of BTM application, I love dancing (I go dancing at least 3 times a week)!

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And that program will run over 2 years. Can I provide sales growth in July, I'm upfront about it now so don't waste anyone's time, or lucky? So that's come about from the strong revenue growth, you must be clean too. They distribute like 80 million doses of vaccine? So we don't ror want to leave money on the table when the market can be serviced looking.